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Victor Hugo Loved Cats

Victor Hugo loved cats.
He may have been France’s greatest ever writer but he was nothing without cats.
Okay, maybe I’ve gone a little too far but…
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How to Identify Vintage Zippers

A simple guide to dating a vintage garment by zipper style.

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Clara Bow: a biography

Clara Bow: actress, movie star, It Girl, flapper.
Silent cinema’s most popular movie star.
The real story of Clara Bow.

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History of the Bob Hairstyle

A complete history of the bob.
From ancient Egypt through to right now.
All you ever wanted to know about the bob.

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Art & Design

Impressionism and Fashion

Pioneers of 19th Century modern art.
The first artists to document street fashion.
Just what was so rebellious about Impressionism?

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Chagall in Paris

A guide to finding the art and history of Marc Chagall in Paris.

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